Want the cheapest VOIP Phone system (affordable, no price gouging), but still amazing quality and the latest cool features?


phone systemOver 60% of small businesses in North Haven are still using the old POTs (plain old telephone system), key systems or older PBX systems—or an occasional early-stage UC (unified communications system). Unfortunately, this is like running the old rotary or flip phones—in a smartphone world.

Your older phone system has the following problems

  1. High price. You are often paying more than TWICE what you ought to—for less than HALF the features. The telcos are relying on complacency—while milking you every. single. month. Ouch.
  2. Limited Features. Hard-to-use interfaces, no portal, no forwarding, no simultaneous rings, no employee status, no instant messaging, no virtual faxes… and they dare charge you MORE for what? Outraged yet?
  3. Nothing mobile. Your phone doesn’t also ring on your cell (either or), no instant messaging (to my land-line)—nothing for remote users. You are LOCKED to the main location.
  4. Hard to Scale. Tedious to change–need a trained tech to change your system, use antiquated voice line systems, users can’t manage their own profiles.
  5. No analytics. Few have call recordings, employee metrics are complex or non-existing with little to no tracking.
  6. Less reliable systems. When your North Haven phone system fails—everyone is down. Upgrades require new hardware. Why? When you already pay for high-speed Internet?

So… how do you get the latest, coolest features in North Haven double your cell phones as land-lines, scale in seconds, get the managerial info you need, increase reliability… and have the cheapest VOIP phone–all at a lower cost than you are paying now?

Perhaps it’s time to consider…


(think of it as the next generation of VOIP phone)

Phone system North Haven, CT

There are six main reasons to switch to UCaaS for the cheapest VOIP phone

  1. Much lower costs
  2. More advanced features
  3. Leverage existing mobile phones
  4. Easier self-serve
  5. More stable, advanced hardware
  6. Much better analytics

Let’s consider each of these in detail

1. Much lower costs (the Cheapest VOIP Phone) in North Haven

lower price

You’re often paying for more seats than you need, and charge penalties to change.
In contrast, newer, more efficient UCaaS systems cost $20-35 (up to 40% less) and NO domestic long-distance–for the cheapest VOIP phone.

  • The base price for older systems typically cost $40 to $55 per month (up to $100 in California), PLUS long-distance. PLUS the expensive initial hardware system cost and setup.
  • You’re often paying for more seats than you need, and charge penalties to change.
  • In contrast, newer, more efficient UCaaS systems cost $20-35 (up to 40% less) and NO domestic long-distance–for the cheapest VOIP phone.

2. MUCH more advanced features

Direct call routing, forwarding, instant messaging, screen sharing, built-in virtual faxing, employee online status, CRM/ERM integration, available on land-like, mobile or PC.

3. Leverage existing mobile phones

Easy outbound calls on land-line or mobile (and can use the same caller-id (shielding your private mobile #), dual land/mobile caller ID, inter-system instant messaging, employee online status, plus can use personal phones for business (reducing costs).

4. Easier self-serve

Intuitive self-serve portals to personalize features, no IT or dedicated PBX infrastructure required, fast and easy self-deployment—shrink or expand in minutes.

5. More stable, advanced hardware

No old PBX or in-office systems to upgrade or fix, never disrupted by local outages or disasters in North Haven.

6. Much better analytics


Easy call detail by the user, built-in call recording (with easy configuration and access), and summary reports so you know exactly how everyone’s phone time is spent.

Now that you can see the advantages of UC-based systems: being much more reliable and stable, having a LOT more valuable features, being much easier to use and manage, and the ability to integrate your mobile phones—all at a much lower cost, what’s the next step?

In fact, the biggest question now is—who do I use?


Not all Unified Communications vendors in North Haven are the same.

  1. First, the major players are NOT SMB focused—they are fighting for the largest accounts, and you get left out.
  2. Second, they don’t want you to switch. Many of these companies are STILL overcharging you with legacy systems.
  3. Poor SMB support—the enterprise has personal account managers. Many companies force you through 4-10 menu items, only to still stick you with an automatic voice routing.
  4. Their networks are NOT any better. In fact, some are lagging with their obsolete call routing and handling. Some are missing hotelling (your phone number can’t follow you—good for a remote office), some are way too difficult to manage (require IT guys, not good for small business owners).
  5. Poor integration. Many don’t integrate with popular CRMs (Goldmine, Salesforce, Oracle, etc.) where it can pull up incoming calls, or call out within the system, or they have a limited list of vendors. Not a big deal for corporations with in-house IT—but it is for you.
  6. Still priced too high. Among the UCaaS they still charge much more—price gouging their “already gouged” accounts (but it appears less than the previous POTs gouging).

So… perhaps it’s time to switch, get the cheapest VOIP phone, plus the kind of SMB care you deserve, obtain ALL the latest features—at the industry’s lowest rates. You may wish to consider…


pioneer logo

#1 Most Affordable SMB UCaaS Provider


  • Over 20 years of experience focusing on voice services to consumers and SMB’s.
  • Tens of thousands of customers—HIGHER satisfaction ratings (Net Promoter Score®) than EVERY major competitor nation-wide!
  • Installs are also on-time–or you get a month free
  • Service is always available (0% downtime)–or you get a month free

Best Solution – for Affordable VOIP Phone

There are five major reasons to consider Pioneer Telephone in North Haven.

  1. A Major UCaaS company
  2. SMB Focused
  3. BEST SMB Service & Implementation
  4. One of the BEST Call Routing & Handling
  5. One of the best at Integration

Plus, it is the Price Performance Leader

Let’s consider each of these in detail

1. A Major UCaaS company

Pioneer is a major network provider providing all the major network features (and the cheapest VOIP phone)—for SMBs, including several that are totally unique.

  • More than 75 UC features. Includes caller ID, music on hold, music on hold, fax, voice mail, call waiting, caller blocking, do not disturb, plus more.
  • Unrivaled network stability—the month is free if it ever goes down. With the industry’s best and redundant systems, you are guaranteed, or the service is free.

2. SMB Focused & The Cheapest VOIP Phone

  • It is a Voice ONLY Service Provider. Focuses on what you do most—doing one thing exceptionally well.
  • Built Around Unique SMB Needs. You are the primary customer with personalized local help—no call trees, or offshore call centers.
  • Easiest Self-serve Customer Portal. Considered the “Apple” in usability—making it easy for you to understand and personalize your system at any time without needing IT.

3. BEST SMB Service & Implementation in North Haven


  • Dedicated Implementation Team. You are assigned a dedicated person throughout the installation process.
  • 30 Second Response Times. Customer calls are answered within 30 seconds 94% of the time—by a person, not a machine.
  • Fixed on First Call. Pioneer does not use call timers, so customer support can take the time to completely answer your questions—without an incentive to rush.

4. One of the BEST Call Routing & Handling

Includes all the expected features like call forwarding, call transfer, hunt groups, outbound local and long-distance, plus harder-to find advanced features like receptionist (see all users and availability), hoteling (turn another phone into your number), plus more. Pioneer easily shows-up some of the nation’s largest networks.

5. One of the best at Integration

  • The Most Out-of-the-box Integrations. Supports over 35 CRM/ERP systems “out of the box” – including Goldmine, Oracle (one of the few NetSuite certified), Salesforce and more. Can automatically pull up inbound calls within your system, or auto-dial out—can be self-configured in minutes.
  • Options for Custom Integration. Can complete most custom integrations within 60 days at affordable rates (most don’t even offer it to SMBs (or sub out expensive integrators with a hefty mark-up)).

Plus, it is the Price Performance Leader – the cheapest VOIP phone

Pioneer’s service price is 15-30% less than all the other major players (for near-identical advanced features—and upwards of 50% less than many current PBX and Pots lines), plus superior uptime, the industry’s HIGHEST customer satisfaction score, a white-glove in-country support model, the fastest response times (with real people), and designed for small to medium business—it is no wonder it is considered the undisputed price performance leader with the best service for the best cost.

What’s Holding You Back?

Now that you can see some of the Pioneer Telephone advantages, what’s holding you back? Following are common questions:

  • Can I keep my same phone number?
    • Absolutely. Pioneer does all the work so that the process is transparent to you–all we need is a copy of your most current phone bill so that we can confirm that every number is accounted for.
  • How much time or resources is required to manage this process.
    • Pioneer does almost all of the work, we only need your call flow preferences, plug in the new phones and schedule basic training.
  • How long will it take to upgrade my service?
    • It usually takes about two weeks to get everything set up, phones delivered and test.
  • Will it disrupt my business?
    • No. You will never be without service; the process is seamless and your dedicated service installation coordinator will walk you through the entire process.
  • What do I do with my old phones or phone system?
    • Depending on the age of the system you can sell it online, drop it off at a recycling facility or donate it to a museum.
  • What if I am still under contract?
    • Not a problem, we would schedule your service upgrade to take place in conjunction with the expiration of your agreement.

Your Old Life

You’re ticked at your massively overpriced bill in North Haven, especially since your service failed (again). You still have no way to forward (or even know if someone is available to take the call), no simultaneous ring, nothing mobile, it’s a pain to scale, and you have no analytics.

Something has got to change!

Your New Life (with the Cheapest VOIP Phone)

new life

You Just Got Pioneer. Wow—the switch was fast and seamless, for less than half the price you now have all the latest, coolest features like forwarding, virtual faxes, instant messaging, and it rings your mobile if you’re not able to pick up at your desk (like two lines—while paying for one).

It took minutes to add your new employee and you now have detailed analytics (didn’t know Tommy took that long for lunches!). All on a network with the highest satisfaction rating in the industry.

So this is what it feels like to move into the modern age—and again, all at a price that is MUCH less than you’ve ever paid before.

The only thing you have to ask yourself now is… what exotic location are you taking your family to on vacation this year (with the thousands you’ll save—this year and every year (thanks to Pioneer)).

Life is good!

What Next?

  • See a demo or attend the webinar
  • Get a quote—get shocked at the savings
  • Sign-up for a FREE 30-day trial (softphone/nCommand only)
  • Call us now

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